Companies or Persons who want to bundle LoopBe1 with their own application have to buy a Company License. Forums Posts Latest Posts. I had to go to the peripherals and make the hidden peripheral appear and there was a lot of bmt with copy of themselves. Many times I have to uninstall and reinstall it. If so maybe it’s more updated I’m using the LoopBe30, which was licensed thru another product bundle, so technically it is not a free version.

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Simple virtual midi connections

But please tell me what you think. I havent needed to update it in a very long time.

LoopBe1 comes with a Systray Icon. Companies or Persons who want to bundle LoopBe1 with their own application have to buy a Company License.

Virtual MIDI SDK | Bome Software

Let me bpmes if you have any further questions. Apologies if you have already tried this. Maybe it is worth giving loopmidi a try! In Device Manager, I can also see the duplicated Software Devices entries probably for input and output eachthough you should not activate or deactivate anything in that category.

Sorry to hear you have issues with it. I was wondering how this had appeared on my pc. I hope if it installs a virtual MIDI port it’s completely standalone and doesn’t affect users like me who have Bome setup with several virtual midi ports.


Lort modern MIDI applications may open several ports, this happens all too easily.

Maybe because I’m using the free LoopBe1. You do not have the mmidi permissions to view the files attached to this post. Florian — Bome Software.

In any case, you should do a clean install of the virtual ports. Of course, it is possible that deleting ports in Device Manager messes up the system and makes it unstable. Not sure why you are having trouble with Loopbee.

LoopBe1 – A Free Virtual MIDI Driver

Any other suggestions on how to proceed? I am not related to this softwre – i work only mldi this because it seems very easy and straightforward for me. All “Physical Keys” keystroke outputs work fine.

I think that this is just something about Sonar not cleaning everything up when it crashes.

If a feedback is detected, LoopBe1 will immediately mute its port, interrupt the loop and popup a message. No, create an account now. I am using the paid version Gerry, though I don’t know that this makes a difference. That seemed to have resolved all problems and I could continue working after an almost 3 day hiatus. IS yours the paid version?

You can switch it on and off like a hardware device and view its status. Comes with silent nsis installer to integrate with your own installer. These past few hours I tried searching the web and the forums for solutions, but to no avail.


So thanks for the excellent idea you suggested, however it seems like I won’t be the one to check it out – I’ll let someone else cut their teeth on Win 10 and wait on the sidelines for now cheering them Thanks! Yesterday I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and since that moment BMT keeps telling me on the same presets and configurations that appeared to work perfectly fine on Win 8: On the negative side, it might take a bit more planning to set things up that way.

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LoopBe1 is free for non-commercial, personal use only. I’m not sure if Kontakt Komplete has one, Pogt have that but the Kontakt Forum isn’t working for me presently. I have a midi wireless keyboard that I am trying to connect to ANY background accompaniment software running on a windows 10 PC. I am checking if I change my hard drive bomez as a couple of years if I have the same problem I will get the system on an hard drive that didn’t have any system before.