Can you tell me the benifits of having an ASIO driver based sound card vs. DJ Freshfluke , Jan 18, I don’t think there’s any connection with the speaker company. So all is well. Your name or email address: Also, if you compare two ASIO drivers, you should not trust the reported latency.

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Originally Posted by johnstaf. Asio4all works ok, but I hope that a product with dedicated driver allows for lower latency, plus multiclient asio would be nice. That’s what you pay for.

Make sure you get all the features you require. In the case of RME, you learn how to use totalmix and it’s the same for the babyface and the larger interfaces.

Wood67 Max Output Level: And with nothing to compare it with, sound quality is more than good enough.

Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface | Cakewalk Forums

ASIO is a standardized way of describing the communication between audio software and a piece of audio hardware. It’s nice to have a small interface and a larger one by the same company. Please Support Our Advertisers. If I need to use headphone and speakers simultaneously I need to use the Toslink output and headphone jack together.

If you have over 10 ms of delay, it can really be a problem. View More Photo Galleries. AT Max Output Level: For multiclient capabilities I highly recommend you ask the vendor or try it yourself because lahency cheap USB interfaces don’t support this function.


Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface

Sounds good to me Shades. DJ FreshflukeJan 18, Or, do they download the instruments into their keyboard? Even my VIA onboard interface scored better than that.

Thanks for your help. Not the lowest latency, but sub 9ms RTL loa Also looking at Presonus now Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S So with lower latency, you should be able to more accurately sync two songs on beat without using TS2’s sync button.

Cheap as chips really and very good IMO too Then you could separate besr the recording part from the listening? Can you tell me the benifits of having an ASIO driver based sound card vs. I’m sure there are other solid products as well but these always get talked about in the forum when people ask about interfaces.

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Here’s a bedt blurb I put together with a shopping list that include all the details you need to think about. Reviews on sites like Amazon and such are full of posts by total idiots who don’t have a clue about setting up the equipment.


TASCAM is as cheap as anyone on the lower end, and has the best bang for buck in a couple of categories.

Monitoring the analog output might work for recording piano. I’ve never heard about ‘stand alone’ drivers designed to run for any hardware interface, except for ASIO4all, which is great as freeware, but not as good as a driver made or adapted for a specific hardware interface whether it’s PCIe, Firewire, USB, thunderbolt or whatever. For monitoring while recordingquality isn’t a big issue.

Ironic they are calling their new product a “Duet” since their previous one was a “Duetta” speakers, that is. Latwncy “Apogee” the same company that used to make speakers?

I want something that is professional quality and will continue to have good support for many years to come. I’ve been looking at the new UAD Apollo Twin as a temporary unit while we wait to see ssio they will start making drivers for their Thunderbolt Apollos but there is no Windows 10 support for it yet which is disturbing.