If that’s what you’re going for I’d be interested in knowing a good mac terminal client to use with one of these. You can now exit preferences. Hoepfully someone else down the road will benefit from this thread. Thanks again, I’ll load the driver tonight and post the results. I have not tried Linux yet. I put the Belkin USB driver package on my desktop and launched it, it shows a file and when I click on that I get the following message “there is no default application to open the file named driver. For Linux the PL Chipset is probably the best choice.

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If you do try that version instead of the one on my site, you need to make sure that:.

Belkin F5U USB to Serial Driver for Mac OS X (and 64 bit Windows 7) – WLAN Book

I was able to get the link that Yves sent to work and have downloaded the driver for the Belkin that somebody hacked. This thread raise the need of writing down all the serial converter that are now working for you Mac users. I constantly got communication library failures with this version, but using Google search produces a lot of attempts by people belikn resolve that issue.

If this new adapter doesn’t work I’ll probably start doing port captures and figure out that’s going on. Using a Terminal Window, type the bekin RS and USB are both serial interfaces using different hardware technologies and speeds.


Installing a USB Serial Adapter on Mac OS X – Plugable

I put the Belkin USB driver package on my desktop and launched it, it shows a file and when I click on that I get the following message “there is no default application to open the file named driver. Thanks, I seem to be saying that a lot here! I have a couple devices I use that are RS, and the adapter below has served me well for years under Windows and Mac Leopard for communicating with them. Plus xmodem, kermit, uusp, Clanger on January 04, Tonto is an OpenSource project to replace ProntoEdit and the software works enough like ProntoEdit that if you are familiar with one you can use the other.

GiffS on January 05, If you see more than one Keystone network device make this change for all of them. ProntoEdit is the computer application provided by Philips that allows you to download, edit, and upload the detailed configurations for the Pronto Remote.

ProntoEdit only runs lkon Windows and only older versions of Windows.

Where to Buy

I had to finally use this product, which works under Snow Leopard should also under Lion and Mt Lion. Unfortunately the app I need only runs on Windows and Mac, plus I want the most reliable adapter I can have.

View 10 previous comments. Okay back to the well one more time for help.

I might try f5u09 later on. Coyote do you think the generic driver you mentioned might do the trick? Thanks Coyote, I’ll give that driver a try tonight although they don’t mention Belkin specifically.


I have not tried Linux yet. Just use linux already It also appears that this Keyspan adapter is the most multi-os compatible adapter and should meet most needs in general.

Lionn 04, I’m looking for a little help. Bekkin adapters are rather inexpensive, so I’m willing to purchase a different one if it’s know to be reliable on these platforms, but all indications are that this should work.

The app I’m using is specific for a piece of hardware; it’s not an interactive terminal program. No universal remotes made today are as versatile as the original Philips Pronto line.

You may also get an error that no Pronto was located; just ignore that for mzc. I’m out when it comes to reliable windows or mac term clients. I am really hoping to get my weather station data on to my Mac as I don’t want to have a Windows machine simply as a weather display. Would you be kind to tell us which one is working fine with you and what are the tricks to make it working.

Conversion between the two requires more electronics than wiring for different pinouts.