Really appreciatable work you have done. But wps of it is locked. Desazable Modz February 27, at 9: Unknown September 17, at Wireless Hack tool updated working now!!!

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Beini Compatible Hardware List – 阿新 – 博客园

Misbauddin Chowdhury February 1, at 8: Download Wifi Password Hacker free working here: Are you using the tp-link tl-wnn? Awusnha is the most used for kali pen.

Someone already combine Weaver into Beini, or search in my Blog the tutorial to combine. Your name or email address: Anonymous June 12, at 4: To get Window 7 Support ,Please visit the link.

Backtrack / Kali Linux Compatible USB Adapters | WirelesSHack

Edward Chee January 26, at 4: Now i try to crack some Wifi overhere with beini beuni-1.2.1. Jonathan Ong September 11, at 2: Adam Akmal April 11, at I want to hack wifi password of Dasan Router.


I can surf at there connection, but how to acces there files for exsample? For dictionary attack to be perfectly work, the password of the router is accidentally happened to be in your defined dictionary.

I got much help from this tutorial. Any type of WiFi is used on Kali tell me.

Backtrack / Kali Linux Compatible USB Adapters

Are you looking for long range? Muhammad Rohan January 31, at Used to bwini-1.2.1 PRGA the suffix containing the key of the xor file.

Saufi Yatim January 9, at 5: Hex is used for any data that can also heini-1.2.1 represented as binary, since hex is easier to read. Reading the reviews on Amazon is the best way to see if one fits your setup. Also devices with directional or yagi antennas work best. Kathleen Durham Beini-1.21 10, at 5: Hello… Can you give me tutorial how to install driver for Alfa Awusnh and where i can download Alfa Awusnh driver for Kali Linux and Windows 8 ….


Google to search about your WIFI driver. I cant help unless you use driver that supported. Kumar Naik July 5, at 4: If a client is connected to beini-1.2.1 routing side, but no one online to produce valid data, then, that the use of -3 is also unable to produce an effective ARP the Request.

Alfa 2000 mW AWUSO36NH 802.11N USB Adapter Wireless N 2 W HIGH POWER wi-fi

That antenna is absolute crap. The blank sections have unknown compatibility at this time but are likely to be compatible.

Cell Buster April 23, at 1: Dictionary files can be found here. I face some problem 1-Wifi network adapter?