Anonymous August 14, at 7: Imaging is somewhat the same. I have no clue what DAC the Marantz uses. TJ May 7, at 8: I found that features of PCM from datasheet much worse than in your measures, maybe because UCA have good schematics?

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Turning the volume down to —4 dB increases the error slightly to 0. Bigger caps for smoothing AC ripples should be okay, right?

The interface is only a bit interface verses bitso it is more appropriately used for amateur audio recording rather than professional grade recording.

It has a terrible headphone output too high of impedance. WayneM March 30, at 3: In the review, you say about power supply noise “especially for a device running from famously noisy USB power” and bejringer power supply looks to be reasonably well filtered.

For general purpose bwhringer audio work, this ucw202 a fine product. Most of the criticism seems related to Behringer charging much less for similar products than some of their competitors. NwAvGuy August 23, at I don’t get paid for any of this. Anonymous March 5, at It contains way more information about the UCA than what I’ve found elsewhere. But if you are happy with the sound from your laptop no bad noises, it gets loud enough, etc.


You might have your analog connections wrong or the volume turned all the way down on the UCA Anon, if you’re not happy with your on-board audio, I’d suggest you just stop using it entirely.

NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

This device works great for interfacing a tape deck or an analog audio mixer to yo ur PC or Mac. I can not get audion out via the USB in a standalone mode i. It also improved a bit the highs, and the stereo imaging over my VTS onboard less stereo crosstalk, perhaps? Given what I was measuring, I didn’t need ultra low noise or distortion. If your PC does not have a lot of outputs for an outboard system, then this audio interface is the one for you.

However when I add a dvd player at the RCA input, there is no output from optical output. As a musician, audiophile, audio engineer, and electrical engineer too many hats, I knowI appreciate that good sounding audio equipment will measure well in the lab and vice versa. Comments promoting commercial interests will not be approved and may be reported as SPAM.

It’s not just the It can be used to interface any line-level audio equipment to your PC or Mac using its stereo RCA input and output jacks. They’re just designed for casual monitoring, not critical listening.


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NwAvGuy June 28, at 4: NwAvGuy August 9, at 9: It does use a pretty low nominal operating level, I guess what would colloquially be called minus ten. Ben, first of all, did you read the information at the two links above? Analog volume controls, like the cheap little potentiometer in the UCA, have isolated sections for uab stereo audio channel. Both of these tend to reduce channel separation. Anonymous June 2, at 9: The DAC in your Marantz is probably just fine and optical is perfect as it isolates the PC’s ground from your audio gear.

Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

It always auto-installed without so much as a single mouse click. So once you accept the above, and that nearly all of us use digital music as our primary source, what’s “not very square”? And here beheinger tracking is still under 1 dB.