This is day 3. Nothing is locked up, but nothing is happening either. I’d like to try it but I’m getting stonewalled in the process. I’d erase what you have: Visit our Driver Support Page for helpful step-by-step videos. Did you add any settings to Network Manager?

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Without bcmwl-kernel-source, what was driving bc,4321 Because of the location of my access point I need to place the antenna on top of the desk.

Figured out my problem with that error message. This occurred after I purged bmc4321 old bcmwl. My ethernet adapter is not working anymore, so I only have wireless for internet. Reinstalled package anyway figuring I could just get rid of it later.

I’ve just made a fresh installation with Ubuntu I added nothing to NM.

[ubuntu] Broadcom BCM WIreless NIC not finding networks [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Disconnect the device from your computer. This is day 3. Is this what you meant by interesting? I don’t have access to a direct connection. I’ve been up since 7 AM yesterday trying to get this darn thing working. Anyway it’s a desktop PC. At this moment I’m staring at a terminal with no internet whatsoever: Let’s do some more bck4321. But, wireless is not wrking.


Other manufacturers such as Dell have released updated drivers fixing the vulnerability. We might look at this: Wireless networking is generally not available in a virtual machine.

Broadcom DRAFT-802.11N PRODUCT FAMILY (BCM4321)

Windows 10, Windows 8. Unsure of what to do.

Ndiswrapper requires the XP files and sometimes will use I was following this thread with great inerest as i have a smilar problem.

I suggest you remove them ncm4321 NM usually does a good job all by itself.

Broadcom BCM Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

I have no idea. Module wl not found.

It occurs to me that this NIC of mine is extremely old and I’ve simply been keeping it updated by windows update. Double bc4m321 the driver download to extract it.

I almost feel like this is trench warfare where the enemy is making me claw tooth and nail for every inch towards success.

Don I’m actually I feel like the more I learn, the less I know! I wonder if the Broadcom All-in-one installer has them. Win Vista File Version: It is a software utility that will find the right driver for you – automatically.


When you questioned whether or not the system was bit I was actually afraid I’d used my bit disk for the install Alright I’m gonna try ndiswrapper because not even the bit version of ubuntu wants to build those drivers.