Please provide feedback after you receive your order. They support both external video out and dual display output. Speakers As with most small laptops, the speakers are nothing to write home about. Plan on carrying headphones a good idea anyway if you care about good audio out coming out of this box. The hard drive is another story. While it may not be the ultimate field machine I was hoping for, there are enough workarounds to make it a very good one.

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Why Averatec does not post this fix on their web site is beyond me.

Averatec Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Volume is controlled by the Fn keys, and with no sounds in the background, I can hear some static from the speakers. After a little more digging, these same forums reveal that the registry is screwed up and is easily fixed with a patch.

Underside view of Averatec where cooling vents can be seen view large image. Back side view of Averatec view large image. This is due to the processor running at full speed when running off of the battery, which you cannot throttle down contrary to the whole point of using a mobile processor. The Averatec avefatec have For example, this model supports up to megs of RAM.


I was pleased with the snappy performance this pcmccia yielded, having had no lockups.

The fact that both memory slots are used further discourages average users to upgrade, even though the maximum is set at 2 GB. Sell your Spare Parts on PcHub. While all the letter keys are normal sized, almost every other key is half-sized.

Visit our network of sites: The battery is a smart Lithium Ion rated at 4, MAh, which is good capacity for a unit of this size. We received the P for review.

Averatec 3150P

Customer Support I have only very limited experience here. Screen updates and re-draws in business applications and Photoshop were plenty fast, but gamers take note that most current intensive 3D games will not run on a shared memory architecture.

When closed, the front edges of the lid do not fit flush with the front of the notebook but curve avegatec a bit. I debated, read some reviews, got clearance from my loving wife and dove in!

We got about 2. I also like the two buttons below the pad. I have a decent desktop which my friend helped me build last year, but I needed a laptop so I could start doing my homework away from pcmciaa apartment and all the distractions. After applying the registry fix, I now get about 2: Upon first examination, the looks pretty classy.


It has pretty decent range, and is able to pick up signal from other apartments nearby. I Can Supply This.

Averatec Series Review (pics, specs)

Running full speed takes more power and more fan activitywhile running slower requires less. The setup here is bare-bones, which is an effort to keep the laptop small. The speakers are located right below the screen, and as expected, they are very weak in terms of depth and volume. The built-in stereo speakers are mounted on the wrist rest area. Customer Feedback Last Week Below are some customer feedback in the past 1 or 2 weeks. The ports are pleasingly arranged, and even though the battery bulges out a bit in the rear, it does not detract from the overall look.

The P has internal WiFi Right side view of Averatec view large image. Customer Support I have not had any problems that would cause me to call customer support.