Using SerialManager Utility D. Page 9 User Manual Version 1. Press the reset button on SE to reset the settings back to the default value Figure 2. Page 47 User Manual Version 1. Page 63 Flash through the submenu option Erase Flash or clicking the Erase Flash button on the toolbar when the memory capacity is to be used up or the history data are unnecessary to be saved. The following overview page appears.

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Page 74 User Manual Version 1. Each Virtual COM port can have its own settings. User Manual Version 1. Note that the DC Jack is 5V only and should be used with a power adaptor.

Press the reset button on SE to reset the settings back to the default value Figure 2. Page 2 User Manual Version 1. Page 41 User Manual Version 1. No part of this Tcptest2 In Visual C One can also use modem to connect to the serial server.


Se50001 86 User Manual Version 1.

ATOP SE >> 1-port Entry-level Serial Device Server

Atoo user name is admin and default password is null leave it blank. Page 94 User Manual Version 1. Then the configuration window will appear. Page 16 User Manual Version 1. SE provides two kinds of packet delimiter: Configure Se As Udp Client 3.

If there is a check with Raw Connection Detected and an exclamation mark with Client not licensed for this se500 Figure 4. Data can be transmitted between serial device and host computer in both directions. For more information, please press Help in the program to get detail explanation. Two options are available: Page 64 The user can also select several devices at one time, and lead the parameter information of a standard parameter file into all the selected devices by selecting Apply for all selected devices have same model.

The batch file will upgrade the system firmware. Page 14 User Manual Version 1. Setting Packet Delimiter 2. Normally, it takes around 10 seconds to complete the programming process. The following figure is a Virtual COM connection diagram. Page 25 User Manual Version 1. Table Of Contents 3. Page 82 User Manual Version 1.


Atop SE5001 1-Port Serial Device Servers, RS232, DB9(M)

Page 11 User Manual Version 1. If an error occurs during the programming process, SE will sd5001 the corresponding memory and the system remains intact of what it was. Page 76 User Manual Version 1. The changed IP address must be legal, otherwise it will be changed back to the default value Baudrates higher than bps are not supported.

Please be sure the Microsoft visual studio family software is installed on the computer.