Adds selected music file to playlist. When thetop menu layer is reached, pressingPressingPresswill show no response. Earphone JackPlug in earphones. Presson an edited list e. Changes playing order; set to Off default or On. It is USB 2. Ittakes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery.

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Removes selected file from playlist. All folders and music files are organizedand displayed in tree structure as illustrated in Figure 7. Pressto turn on the MP3 Hard Disk.

ATMT V-Play MP200 2GB

Pressorto move the cursor up or down. SnakePress,, andto move the snake up, down,left and right.

It is USB 2. Bit rate CBR 3. Pressing sometimes more thanonce in playback mode can also bring up the Library List as illustrated in Figure Connect earphones to the MP3 Hard Disk2.

When thetop menu layer is reached, pressingPressingPresswill show no response. There are two ways to transfer music filesto the MP3 Hard Disk: Copies new firmware to the MP3 Hard Disk. Selects MP3 music quality. plyer


The Function List has five sections: Variable bit rate VBR 4. Plays the next track or hold to fastforward.

Adds selected file to playlist. Wait playfr few seconds until the screen displays the image in Figure 4 or Figure 5. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Figure 4Figure 5If this is the first time you turn on the unit after connecting it to computeror poking the reset pinhole, the Library List will appear as shown in Figure5.

Selects appropriate language system to display atmf information when unrecognizable symbols occur.

ATMT STORM MP : Mp3 Player User Manual

Earphone JackPlug in earphones. Refreshes screen; re-reads MP3 Hard Disk file. Adds music file to MP3 Hard Disk folder. New Playlist fromCreates new playlist and adds selected files. Then usemove cursor and select a music file and presslist whenortoto play the file. Download the new firmware file from our web site andsave it on the Desktop. Pressin Play Mode to enter into its selectionitems. Figure Figure There are 3 playee in the Library List: You can switch among Repeat all, Repeat off and Repeat one by pressingUseorPressorto move the cursor up or down.


Free ATMT MP3 Player User Manuals |

If you press, theunit will not connect to the computer. Tell us about it.

Press once to turn the power on;Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it off. Removes selected music file from playlist. Resets to default track name.

There are 2 selections under Play Mode: It is important to re-charge the battery ASAP when battery runs out.