It’s not every day that you see a graphics card that goes into Disco Fever Mode when excessively overclocked. ATI chipsets were also ground-breakers in certain areas, but they were lacking raw performance, especially for the hard core gamers. You can pump the core speed up quite a lot, but there’s not much point to it without a magic spell to increase the RAM’s bandwidth. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. We can see a trend in new video cards such that more expensive higher density memory are used to reduce real estate space taken up by these RAM. Software players work on any old video card. The Radeon DDR is a high end card for people with big monitors.

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ATI Radeon R6 DDRF SD64Mb () –

sd64bm OEMs loved their chipsets and you can see ATI’s graphic chipsets integrated into numerous motherboard products. Packed with such advance features, it is of no surprise that Apple decided to soon equip the new Macintosh G4 with the Radeon, which is an upgrade to the present ATI Rage Pro.

The Radeon’s of particular interest to Macintosh users, because it’s almost the only choice in Macintosh super-performance video adapters at the moment. Which would all be well and good if all Radeons had the same clock speed. When I bumped the resolution up to by32 bit colour, though, the Radeon managed a more satisfying 3DMarks.

From overclocking my CPU and in effect, raising the system bus speed, I discovered that the Radeon coped a lot raedon than the GeForce or the Voodoo5 and was very stable throughout my testing unlike the other two that failed during initial 3DMark tests. Those left out of the race tried to make a comeback, but only ATI and Matrox were successful enough to recapture part of the market.


RARE ATI RADEON 7200 64MB AGP VIVO with an ATI Rage Theatre chip R6 DDRF SD64MB

The difference isn’t a huge one. My problem is lack of memory. I have set this exact model up a few months ago and somehow I had no problem finding the driver at that time. That was not too shabby at all.

The Radeon chipset itself is hidden behind the robust looking heatsink and fan. It would be great to have an on-board Radeon, don’t you think so? But anyone buying an OEM Radeon and expecting to get the whole retail enchilada sans only cosmetic frills may still be disappointed.

Unfortunately, memory chips rated at that speed were expensive and rare which was why plans for the MHz Radeon was dropped. Since the G4 was such a niche product, it would do well with a powerful graphics processor like the Radeon. Figures don’t take into account HyperZ. The Mac variants of the card just have a plain heat sink; this board has a slimline heat-sink-and-fan cooler.

Overclockers, this could be the next generation of video card that you need in order to cope with high FSB overclocking.

When Matrox released the G, it had the finest looking 2D and atti visual quality with decent performance although driver support was lacking. Some variety of TNT2 if you want to save money. With such cool characteristics, it can be easily integrated on to motherboards.


That board will probably be a much better option for most people; who knows, I may even add it to my stock list of recommendations. You need to go to the section Manually select your driver: There’s also dadeon composite video input on the card for video capture purposes. What processor do you have?

This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp. Most people, though, don’t need a card this fast; the advantage at medium resolutions is small, and the price difference is big. You do not want to be caught with an expensive card like the Radeon without good drivers support.

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This is a tremendous feat on ATI’s part or is it with their silicon supplier? The Radeon is no bigger than an average GeForce card.

ATI Radeon R6 DDRF SD64Mb

So I tested it in by and by16 bit colour. You can use a Radeon with the Mac. I used the current release driver versions for all of the boards; the v6. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

At Medium detail and above, the results were again quite close.