I do not know what packaging for debian implies. Or bypass the Debian gatekeepers and go to the source: You can read about it here: Now the version is firmware-ath9k-htc 1. I do not know what could be causing this problem. Should debian not make sure there is an usb wifi card which is debian 9 64bit main compatible? Then I can have a backup of the software on my computer.

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I mean, anyone can edit a binary file, but you wouldn’t realistically expect anyone to modify the software that way. I know that the device is connected because it shows up in the output from the lsusb command. That file is about lines. This is how I obtain most Debian packages.

It basically impossible unless the program is tiny. Removing old version may be necessary. The firmware file is libre software.

ath9k – Debian Wiki

Now I have installed debian 9 main 64bit. Ar wifi does not work in debian 9 main 64bit. Can I install the newest version without uninstalling the already installed version of the package? Or bypass the Debian gatekeepers and go to the source: Must you know what every line in the source software does?


The source code is much longer. If you want hct install it, just run this in a root shell:. Have you managed aty9k get an usb ar wifi card to run on debian 9 main 64bit?

I am a member! It is as if the adapter does not start up. I just noticed devian I get this error message printed during the boot: You can read more about Debian packaging here: I hope this information is useful. Have you downloaded http: I am a member!

Unfortunately it breaks ath9k-htc USB adapters. Debian doesn’t package ath9-htc and ath9k and other ath firmware separately. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of thcprivacy policy and debiian policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Here is the package that will be in the upcoming Trisquel 9: I do not know what could be causing this problem.

However, it can be found in either “testing” buster or “unstable” “sid” branch. So you have to install the nonfree firmware package to get ath9-htc, despite htc being free. MAC address randomization during scanning doesn’t work, so you will have to sacrifice some privacy. The ar is the only libre software usb wifi card. It takes a long time just for someone to volunteer to do it.


Index of /debian/pool/main/o/open-ath9k-htc-firmware

But that is the binary, not the human-readable source code! If you use Debian testing or unstable, it will be automatically updated whenever you run apt update and subsequently apt upgrade Otherwise you may need to manually update it whenever a newer version is available.

The same package from Debian’s servers: