Perhaps the internal boot code has problems with other settings than the official atmel board? When using both of its power inputs, the JetBox w runs on 5. My problem is that if I program the TWI eeprom with the same code, it does nothing. No pricing or availability information was supplied for the JetBox w. You can then store the settings for automatic loading of specific configurations.

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However they are very close to the Basics examples on the toolkit CD. The JetBox w is designed for industrial front-end control applications, says Korenix.

No pricing or availability information was supplied for the JetBox w. They seems ok, however, the usb is still not functioning. I am not permitted to release the code but may be able to release parts if you require them.

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I know it took me about a week to get TWI working properly. That driver package should also be consulted for documentation and configuration options.

As of now, we only have the internal ROM as memory to work with The debug serial port level shifted to RS will then send ‘C’ s as the start of an Xmodem transfer. The AT91RM also provides one key advantage: My init called before MMU is basically this: The DIN-mountable, x We aren’t successful now but we see that you have to change at least a little bit the atmel usb example because the PIo used for device detection is not the same on ATMEL DK board and on cogent board.


We only use it if everything has gone wrong in the field and we need to start again. At any rate, I cannot get the processor to acknowledge or respond to anything on the serial swrial.

As best I can tell from the datasheet and related documents, the processor ought to be able to receive programs via the debug serial port, though Sreial may be mistaken here. Note that when using RedBoot, these options are usually inactive as it is RedBoot that decides which channels are used.

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I have a jumper on PA31 which is used if all goes wrong out in the field. The only suspect is probably like the pll and oscillator like you mentioned. This can operate on any port, according to the configuration settings. This first form at9rm9200 polled mode HAL diagnostic output, intended primarily for use during debug and development.

Peeking once again into the LinuxDevices archives, we see that the AT91RM powered the circa, Linuxstampone of the earlier open hacker boards. Will dig it tommorow mornig and report my afforts. I use Hyperterminal at 8-N-1 no handshake and transfer a small boot program into the 16k of SRAM at 0x not remaped.


Atmel AT91RM9200

Then I set up the hardware from main: Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Does anyone have advice regarding loading boot software such as loader. Perhaps the internal boot code has problems with other settings than the official atmel board? Please have you any clues? In addition, USART devices for a particular platform may also not have these control signals brought out to the physical serial port.

This support can be enabled on any port.

The JetBox w ships with Linux 2. Operationg system — Linux 2. Comments are the property of their submitters.

One thing is that the usb interrupt does not occur at all.