I also only use a 4. But I am on Windows 7. I have Asus Xonar ST. Thanks 1 1 Reply Related Threads. Improved Driver Cleaning process. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Forum Getting Started Purchase.

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Adobe Premiere Pro and ASUS Xonar DGX sound card. | Adobe Community

Once I right clicked on it and enabled it, I was able to change settings in the Xonar driver menu without issues. Have you tried plugging the card in different PCIe slots?

Dyx have a weird microphone buzzing issue related to pre-amplyphied option in mic-in. Please report if there are any malfunctions compared to previous UNi Xonar driver releases.

Includes updated driver installer and C-Media Panel. CarvedInside 17 Dec J 05 Dec On Tue The Xonar DGX audio card suports asio 2. Updated C-Media Panel with the one included in 1. CarvedInside 25 Dec Vin 24 Dec Audition will have better quality options because the xomar is better in Audition though so that ideally is where you want to handle that. The latency is higher than a normal Asio driver but its close. I have two computers, I asioo the computer with the STX card in it to listen to the other computer.


Scheda audio gaming 5.1 canali PCI Express

Added option to apply addons at driver installation. Your current speakers work with the onboard card? This discussion is now closed.

There are no pop-up, pop-under or sticky ads. Windows 10 — Comments have to comply with these rules: How can I make sure that Adobe Premiere will make use of my sound card?

I got only 0. On a more serio Different drivers could work differently so if you encounter any issues try installing the other UNi Xonar versions. Release notes Windows 10 compatibility Downloads.

Home Download Purchase Support Company. Stereo mix is also set as the default recording device – this zsio fine when recording audio via Audacity.

You should have the Zonar’s mixer input set to something like Mic or Line In, depending on the source. Your comment confirms what I was suspecting.

I really know nothing about sound stuffbut had to change the soundcard due to the fact that the mobo one was broken. It means that a crash dump file was properly written out.


Manitou Spgs, Colorado Status: Fixed issue where installer did not apply the correct audio settings e. Alec 20 Nov Whether you get this working or not, you should plan to go shopping for a dedicated audio interface to use with SONAR, and leave your ZONAR for use by your browser and generic multimedia apps.