It would suck having to re-install everything. Have you tried using the other SATA ports? Do you already have an account? The manual is totally unclear on which port to use, so I’ve tried them all. Your drive does not appear to have that option. Yeh I understood your problem, but I admit I was just going off what I know about SATA drives and my experience – which is they have a jumper you can set to force them to run at rather than which really makes no difference for most mechanical drives.

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Skoop, afraid you are correct. I think you have a bum drive. Setup then took off and ran to completion without a hitch.

SATA hard drive not recognized – TechSpot Forums

If you want to mirror a drive with existing information you will be asked to copy that information to the new drive. We recommend using the latest available drivers when configuring your RAID controller.

All I am trying to do is format my hard drive, however I cannot carry this out until I can get my computer to find my drive. The drive was an OEM product, could be it sataa bad, I just have to figure out how to confirm this.


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Mon Oct 25, 8: If I disable my EIDE windows installed drive and try installing windows on the SATA drive, I get the F6 prompt, push F6, nothing happens, and the windows installation eventually quits, saying no drive is present on my system. I simply removed spaces. Check your bios settings. Ein bedeutender Schritt im Rahmen der Globalisierung? Don’t know if that helps. Aug 23, Posts: What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Double-click on the MakeDisk file, and it will transfer the necessary files to your floppy disk.

If you do not have access to the Internet, then start by browsing the support CD included with the motherboard.

SATA hard drive not recognized

Have now bought a new SATA hard drive, and disconnected the old one. Typically fdisk was used to add partitions, etc. Usually it requires reselecting 1st drive to maxtor and saving changes.

I only have the Asus drivers I have download from their website as my original motherboard blew up and this Asus A8V Deluxe was installed as a replacement.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. Join the community here. Joined Jan 22, Messages 72, If not it will proberly be a waste of time trying installing anything on it.


I don’t boot from that drive, but I had no problem getting it going. Thanks so much for this help, it had taken me 2 days of trying to get my A8V-UA board to recognise the SATA hard drive, the most frustrating thign was that neither the promise or fasttrak drivers that came with the ASUS mobo on the support cd worked!

ASUS A8V Deluxe and SATA Hard Drive

I had read about that method of frying a drive before I started, and didn’t feel like cooking anything! If your system paused during the install, it will do so again when booting into Windows.

I’d swap it out in someone elses computer, but I don’t know of anyone else here in Riyadh ssta has one. Just to clarify where I am: Your install instructions work fine for a single drive.

The DiamondMax10 needs a firmware upgrade. Satx the Via controller. Mon Oct 25, 7: Whallah, XP now recongizes the sata hdd so it can then format and install. Joined Jun 19, Messages 1,