Replace use of the FocuserSim. There are a lot of Nightscape owners out there who have made significant investments in this Celestron product, and who deserve to be supported. The next step is to start up your planetarium software and select ASCOM under telescope type or telescope interface. I have not done this myself, having disabled them for 35 days. Framework 4 has been available for a number of years and is provided for all operating systems that the Platform supports Windows XP onwards.

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NET counterparts, which are fully ascoom into the Platform code base. Celestron has just made the Nightscape “discontinued” so I am not sure if we will get support or not. Astrometry namespace of the Platform has become overcrowded with components that have similar capabilities but that differ in small ways from each other e.

Looking forward seeing what Celestron have answered. See the Correcting for Problems also in the menu on the left.

Version 6.1 SP1

Hope that Celestron will take the appropriate action. Here is a link to his post:. Unread post Sat Dec 12, 5: Platform versions earlier than v6. As soon as I can I will continue my sequence and confirm full operation.

It looks like a driver, but it can allow more than one program to connect to it, and it in turn connects to the driver for faiiled real device. Sign up for a new account in our community. We would disable updates. There are a few issues that might make planetarium software GoTos appear to be less accurate than those initiated by the ServoCAT hand pad. The susbset of these tests that is relevant to the routines presented in this component have also been incorporated in the ASCOM Diagnostics tool and expected operation of the SOFA routines can also be confirmed through this tool.


The first thing to do is to write down the full error message, including the header label of the error message box. Not sure how accurate that is. I guess I will have to un-install the Win10 update for now. Asdom you have Platform v4. This can cause you to run out of COM port numbers, and you will have to take steps to delete the unused port designations to free up a lower COM port number.

Driver error Ascom Skywatcher in The Sky X Pro

This has resulted in v5. There is a tendency to try to uninstall and then reinstall software when problems are suspected. Drivers built from choser VB driver template will now automaticlaly register for COM interop like those built from the C template.

The net result of double corrections for coordinate systems and refraction may be that loac GoTo is slightly less accurate, or that the on-screen representation shows the telescope slightly off center from the object, even when the object is centered in the eyepiece.


Similar plugins are available for TheSky X as well as software from other vendors. Issues Fixed – Developers.

Alert: ASCOM broken by windows update! – General – Main Sequence Software

ASCOM broken by windows update! They have at least a moral responsibility to support it.

You are zscom advised to be sure your site location values are correctly set in the driver settings screen. Deprecated Capabilites For Developers. Unread post Sun Dec 13, 6: The dome log shows it is going where it is told to go, so something may be not quite right in the way SGP is calculating the dome position for a centre now process though it seems to get the sums right for a Slew Now.

ASCOM also supports low-level drivers for focusers, cameras, filter wheels, rotators and dome control.

Driver error Ascom Skywatcher in The Sky X Pro – Software Bisque

Cheap USB to Serial adapters should be avoided. Thank you for the verification. If your planetarium software is correcting for refraction, you may want to turn off the planetarium refraction correction so that you match the coordinates that the Argo Navis is sending and receiving.