High definition goodness Elsewhere, the news is better. In many ways, it’s a minor upgrade, since this chipset remains a 55nm part like the G. As far as new features go, however, that’s it. But do yourself a favour. Interested in expanding your TV, film or media consumption to an all capable home theatre PC?

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Especially if pricing is a sensitive issue for you. Against Hybrid Crossfire pretty pointless in practice.

Integrated goodness? A review of the AMD 780G chipset

LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. We’ll explore the akd impact of the pairing later in the review after taking a look at AMD’s new southbridge. The bit-tech Hardware Awards Unless, that is, you are willing to suffer average frame rates under 15 per second, which is all you can hope for in the likes of Call of Duty 4.

But whatever the case, odds are it’ll be cheap. Processor Intel Pentium E 2.

780G Drivers & Support

That’s the recipe for a great home theatre PC. The layout of AMD’s new design is amv below. No, you’re not reading that wrong – Zotac is the first with the new Nvidia integrated graphics chipset for Intel CPUs. Of course, the drivers vide the AMD G are newer and different; from what we can tell, their version numbers 8. And we know how that turned out Could this be the ultimate low power, ultra small form factor home theatre motherboard?


Test Setup We’re be doing a full review of the AMD G chipset based motherboards in the near future but first, we’ll be taking a and look at the graphics and HD playback performance of the Radeon HD onboard. Dell returns to the stock market after six years.

Realtek ALC with 1. Without a stable, well-tuned chipset, even the best CPU is little more than a hotplate, and chipset quality and functionality can make a major difference in just how interested OEMs are in deploying a chipmaker’s platform solutions. To put it another way, AMD reckons the this chipset is capable of offload much if not all of the work involved in decoding high definition movie disks from the CPU.

G Drivers & Support | AMD

Make no mistake, you’ll need to drop in a decent add-in 3D card if you want to amdd real gaming pleasure. Chipsets Previous page Next page. Find out which products are the best of the year, and also which innovations have caught our eye during Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Quiet, compact and yet extremely capable. AMD Athlon X2 e. Steam names the best-selling games of Up until now, upgrading an integrated motherboard with a discrete graphics card has meant losing whatever additional performance the onboard IGP might have offered.


AMD’s G chipset – The Tech Report – Page 5

Support for discreet graphics is provided by 16 full speed PCI Express 2. Elsewhere, the news is better. Has the AMD platform finally come good again? Skip to main content Introduction Integrated chipsets may not be particularly exciting from a hardcore enthusiast perspective, but they’re the bedrock components that both AMD and Intel depend on when building an attractive platform.

Go To Page 2 — Benchmark Results.

IGPs will die-out bysay researchers. Jon Peddie Research predicts that motherboards chipsets with integrated graphics 70g have a market share of just one percent by Whether or not that translates into playable framerates and acceptable CPU loads when decoding HD content, however, remains to be seen.