The size of a horn’s mouth and its length determines how deep the horn will produce sound before it begins rolling off. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. So I decided to try the back of my room, which only has four surround horns placed way in the back and into the corners. Hopefully you’ll get it centered within minutes of tinkering with it, but don’t be surprised or dissapointed if your first one takes an hour. I do want to point out one suprise that you may encounter and a bit of releaving advice about the process.

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Back in Chapter 19I did a review of a new system that my good friend, Kwami Ofori-Asante had purchased. But I swear I will not let temptation strike again. As you all know, Audiophiles are a finicky lot that doesn’t like to own what the next guy has. Once you have all of the screws finger tight you can start the alignment process by eye-balling the alignment and gently pressing the voice coil – using even pressure – and listening for any rubbing noises. Very cool vintage sound that I can still partake in when the mood strikes me.

Bronze Gold Reference Reference Lowther drive unit: Second, the components have to be synergistic i. Both worked to cut down on cabinet resonance. If algning driven too hard, the Lowther’s can be run fromkHz. When the bolts are finger tight I sometimes use a deadblow mallet to tap the frame VERY gently for very “fine” alining errors.


The systems were similar with most equipment the same and was very favorably impressed with the sound. I find it interesting that the phase plug looks to have a Tractrix contour and think this speaker would sound even better if the front horn curve matched that of the phase plug’s Oh, and the last thing is the thought that Lowthers are fragile.

Thus to get bass, the horn has to be long and big.

Videos Enjoy the Music. When I did that the PM2As were not in need of realigning nor are they in need of alignment as I type two years and at least a couple thousand music hours later. All this is deeply satisfying, but is it surprising?

The key is not to damage the coil by putting so much force on it you make it out-of-round. I gently place the basket and cone back onto the magent lowtger sure the voice coil doesn’t get hung up or damaged in the thin magnet gap while also lining up the screw holes. No major issue for somebody with a little mechanical ability, a boxed end metric wrench. Patience alligning persistance will be needed along with a wrench preferably non-magneticsome celophane tape double face works well and some good lighting.

Next I placed the speakers as close to the corners of the room as possible. This turned out to be the ticket. That was where I got the most seamless transition between the two. Because the magnet can distort the basket, rotating the drivers degrees in the cabinet zligning months may cure some rubbing problems.


Then I had to decide whether to run long interconnects or speaker cables. Also, there is a time alignment problem between the two outputs that leads to alignimg combing artifacts. Return to High Efficiency Speaker Asylum.

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Kwami used some Elephant feet while I used some 25 lb. Lowther DX4 rubbing voice coil – chopper87 aol.

Posted on 6 October by Elisabeth Rhodes. Up till now, Lowthers have been primarily placed on the flat front surface of a rear horn cabinet, using the Lowther’s high sensitivity from the middle range on up, balanced with the rear loaded horn gain for the bottom end.

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When I returned from that trip, I immediately constructed a make-shift baffle and attached it to my Goodman cabinets which were corner loaded at the time. Around the edge of the baffle, I wrapped it in more 1 x 2 oak. This adds to the magnetic potential of the coils.

In both the base and the baffle wrapper I routed a slot to keep a grip on the 0.