The maximum CPU supported depends on the specific motherboard model, the hardware revision of the motherboard, and the version of BIOS that is on it. The slower Pentium IIIs are able to survive with a large, passive heat sink and good case airflow. Nvidia says that AGP in the chipset is unusable due to severe system stability problems. Fri Jul 29, 4: Some chip revisions were luckier than others. No AGP slot integrated Nvidia graphics. Thu Jul 28,

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The first nForce chipsets arrived in Interestingly, I can’t find any chipset drivers on ALi’s site.

This is a possible explanation for why some very old or quirky Cgipset cards just refuse to work in newer motherboards. Good luck with finding ALi drivers too Another option is to try running Windows Update to update the drivers – sometimes it works. I have found only one success story on 9xx or later chipsets. Retrieved from ” https: However, the manuals are finalized before the hardware is, so they tend to lag behind.

Fri Jul 29, 4: AnandTech wrote”From what we can gather, the VT South Bridge is actually identical to the B and is traditionally called the only when used in alj ProSavage chipset.


The ones I found did not have an AGP slot. Some 3dfx Banshee cards immediately self-destruct in P4 class motherboards.

The Mother Board

I have an MVP3 motherboard with a B southbridge and three different motherboards with B southbridges. Microsoft never intended anyone to run it separately.

None found with ISA. Board index All times are UTC. The entire ecosystem of hardware and software that had grown up around ISA was orphaned, and anyone who found the ostensible PCI replacements to be a big disappointment was left with only bad options going forward. Unfortunately, few manufacturers keep that information up indefinitely for vintage parts.

The maximum CPU supported depends on the specific motherboard model, the hardware revision of the motherboard, and the version of BIOS that is on it.

PIIILMR AMPTRON Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

Thanks to Jaymes M. Try this Fri Jul 29, 4: They seem to have removed all of them, and ULi the company that they changed their name to doesn’t have the drivers for the old ALi-branded chipsets. Athlon 64Athlon 64 X2Sempron. Merely playing a Other backward incompatibilities identified for new hardware in general, not for MB specifically: Whether it was the root cause or merely the innocent victim of Intel-centric engineering by other manufacturers, VIA hardware of this era was often problematic for users.


ALi Corporation

On mine there’s some kind of chipset that has “GFX2” written on it. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. And why isn’t it supported by any newer NVidia-drivers? Regarding the compatibility of third-party ISA bridging, my conclusion from personal experience so far is that it is close enough for some things but not for others. Some chip revisions were luckier than others.

Chipset Chipsets INTEL VIA NVIDIA AMD nForce BXCEL ATI Motherboard – Mainboard

AthlonAthlon XPDuron. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. No AGP slot integrated Nvidia graphics. It is based in Taiwan, and is a subsidiary of the Acer group.