Gives you the full IrDA speeds from 9. Also, jumper-hardwire parameter selection for volume production. Supports host baud rate from kbps to Operates under extended temperature range and meets NEMA specification. In volume applications since Less latency time, average 1.

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Supports mandatory IrDA layer: Gives you the full IrDA speeds from 9. Speeds up time to market. Automatically handles Fast Connection. Less latency time, average 1.

Speeds up the IrDA certification process. Power supplied from USB directly. Also, jumper-hardwire parameter selection for volume production.

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No driver is needed. Supports mandatory IrDA layer s: Before purchasing this IC, strongly recommend to buy this Evaluation Kit.

Can also download file from PC, and stores and sends it to industrial or medical devices, to xctisys or program its firmware, or change settings, wirelessly via Infrared. Very low component count.


Step one is to record the IrDA traffic. This series has 2 models: Supports bps Other data rates are available by request.

Low power consumption in standby mode Standby current is less than 0. Fully compliant with USB 2.

Actisys IR 220L: IrDA Com-Port Serial Adapter (No ACTiLinkACPI-SW)

Emails and plain text files are printed using any available font. You can still print directly from desktop or LAN by connecting the printer cable to the built-in pass through connector. In volume applications since Supports all SIR speeds 9. These text files are almost self-explanatory. No external power supply required.

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Please e-mail irda-info actisys. Stores collected data in 4 MB flash memory, optional 8 MB memory. If opposite device e. Virtual COM port supported. Supports host baud rate: Small low profile plastic pin QFP package.

Actisys USB Stuff

IrDA baud rate from 9. For Windows 95 users, please download driver W95IR. Two chips in this dongle: IR wireless printing directly from your IrDA devices. Programmable baud clock generator bps to Data transfer and record synchronization wirelessly from IrDA portable devices. Plugs into any desktop PC motherboard.