The lack of a second Thunderbolt port on the ExaSAN for daisy-chaining is disappointing, but not a dealbreaker as long as you keep it at the end of the chain. I was provided a short set of testing procedures but beyond that told to use it in normal conditions and present my findings honestly. You’ll be able to hear this clearly in the video below. What do YOU use for storage? It’s solid aluminum and feels amazingly well-built—it’s like the little brother of the old Mac Pro towers. It’s very loud when you first start it up, then it levels out a bit, but still noticeable.

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A12S3-PS -Accusys

Accusys has been around since and their primary focus has always been RAID technology, starting first at the rajd level. It features PCI Express 2. The Next Video Revolution. Accusys many of past reviews on Thunderbolt devices have centered on connecting a single PC or Mac, the Accusys unit supports four Thunderbolt 2 host ports.

The A12S2-PS also runs cooler and enables significant cost savings for IT departments through its energy efficient green design.

As mentioned previously, this solution uses a Thunderbolt 2 host interface with four host ports available. You get the ability to buy the ExaSAN drive-less which might be appealing to some people, though the Enterprise drives it recommends are slightly pricier.

Availability Delivery about days. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. On the FC HBA, a powerful processor is computing, you can see by the size of the heat sink on the chip to cool it, converting the PCIe data from the workstation to 8Gb Fibrechannel takes acucsys. Seemingly randomly for me, the fans spun up to their highest level for a minute or two at a time, then went back down to normal. All of the parts you’d ever need to interact with like the drive bays, power supply, and RAID controller can all be removed easily, making this an incredibly modular setup if you were inclined to upgrade it yourself.


Functionality for Reliability Video streaming applications have a strong requirement for very smooth, steady and sustained performance to prevent frame dropping. Our innovative green accuusys, from an environmental protection perspective, is a model of energy efficiency and reduces storage system energy consumption while improving storage performance per watt.

The faster your disk array, the more concurrent video streams you can play, the smoother playback of high resolution or high framerate videos will be, etc. Now five years after its birth into the market Thunderbolt now in its third generation has teamed up with USB 3. Its swappable modular disk array design, RAID controller, FAN and power supply module dramatically facilitate both maintenance and system reliability.

So, all told the two systems have quite a bit in common. Overall, the A08S3-PS is a powerhouse and will definitely deliver results in even the most demanding situations. That was never the case for the A08S3-PS. In the last five years, we have seen plenty of Thunderbolt storage come and go. Once you capture your footage, really fast and reliable storage is da bomb — and the difference between a productive edit and pulling every last hair out of your head.

As 4K and UHD gain more and more traction as shooting formats, you’ll need to consider carefully how you plan to store and work with this footage.

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. While USB 3 drives are great for their backwards compatibility, ubiquity, and large storage sizes, they’re just not up to snuff when used as a scratch drive for video editing.


Accusys 4K Thunderbolt 3 Multi Users Collaboration

Coming in a 3U rackmount enclosure, this solution weighs in at a solid 50 Lbs. The basic gist is this: With all of the accusy said, the Accusys unit is no small storage solution.

It combines performance and economics with an attractive new elegant, yet high-tech metallic casing. When Thunderbolt first emerged as the next great interface, not many thought it would catch on despite the throughput.

To an individual editor, despite how many awesome things I have to say about this exact RAID array, I think it’s going to be a tough sell. Even in situations like having multiple 4k ProRes streams playing at once with effects applied to each, I never detected adcusys hiccup.

The unit I reviewed was on loan from Accusys for a period of one month and I was not compensated in any way for this review.

So once I came to the conclusion that their products promised an insane amount of performance accusyss video editing and visual effects, I knew this was right up my alley. Performance Hold on to your socks, avcusys they get knocked off.

Devices from LaCie, WD, and Drobo ring a bell, and while all of those are solid appliances in their own right, none have had the level of features as the A16T2-Share from Accusys.